Corny Jokes

Joke Author
Did you hear about the Drupal developer atheist? He didn't believe in COD. jhardy
Did you hear about the web developer who could not find the APIs? Turns out it was much ADO about nothing. jhardy
If Drupal had a dog, it would be either a spaniel or a retriever. jhardy
How does a Drupal developer change a lightbulb? He doesn't ... he just basks in the glow of his own monitor. jhardy
Joomla and Drupal meet at a bar. Joomla says, "Hey baby, want to see my open source?" Drupal replied, "No thanks, Wordpress tells me it's buggy." jhardy
I need a new suit so I can drush up for the big day. jrearick
What's a website's favorite Chinese meal? Chicken Do Main. admin
What happened when Drupal met User 1? It was love at first site. admin
What did the Drupal site say to its first love? You're the only User 1 for me. admin
Why did the English teacher and Drupal developer get along? Because they were pro-grammar. admin
Why did the programmer quit his job? Because he didn't get arrays. admin
How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None, that's a hardware problem. admin
What's a browser's favorite TV show? My Name is URL. admin
Why did the developer vacation on F5 Island? Because it was so refreshing. admin
Why couldn't the user go to the admin party? Because he didn't have permission. admin
What did the Drupal site say at dinner? I'd like to see a menu. admin
Why didn't the basketball player pass the ball? Because he was Drupal teamed. admin
What did the data say when it ran away from the web browser? Cache me if you can! admin
Knock knock. Who's there? Node. Node who? Node who'd like to go to DrupalCorn with me? admin
Why did the developer cross the road? To get to the other site. admin
Why couldn't the developer recognize the HTML Editor? Because it was wearing a WYSIWYG admin
How do you make a website blush? Say something nice about its back-end. admin
Why did the copy and image get married? Because they were content. admin
What did the sidebar say to the content? I've been around the block. admin
What do you call an 85-year-old back-end developer named Esther? Programma admin
What do you call a CMS that's best in the class? A star Drupal. admin
Who is a programmer's favorite rapper? Drup Doggy Dogg admin
How much does a Drupal weigh? A pro-gram. admin
Why did the Drupal site sell its data? Because they needed the cache. admin
Why did the Drupal developer break up with his girlfriend? Just wasn't his content type. admin
What do you call a request to download multiple modules from the command line, in a hurry? A Drush job. hoerschelman
Let's all go play cornhole! jrearick