Post DrupalCorn Activities

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We’re really excited to hear that some of our attendees are arriving from outside of Iowa and even the midwest! The last I’ve heard, we’ve got at least one attendee coming from Texas and another from Canada. I guess that means we can call DrupalCorn an international Drupal event!

I thought it would be useful if I highlighted some Drupal and non-Drupal activities to do after the camp while you’re in the area.


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Badgers‽ We don't need no stinkin' badgers!

Oh Badges. Yeah, we need those.

Are you participating in DrupalCorn Camp 2013? Tell the world! You can download digital "badges" for your website and share with your audience that you will be there. Badges for sponsors and attendees. Get yours here and put it on your own site.

Copy and paste the code provided below for the badge you wish to display on your site.


How to Convince Your Boss

Develop your professional network. The Drupal Community Members and leaders do not stop networking when the conference is over. Continue to make connections via e-mail, LinkedIn discussion boards and other social media tools that will thrive long after you leave DrupalCorn.

Make the most of your training budget. Training starts at $20 for an entire day. Gaining access to this kind of in-person training is an educational experience that would take far more time and money any other way.