Vice President for Strategic Communication - The University of Iowa

It is undoubtedly a time of tremendous challenge and unprecedented opportunity for the University of Iowa. As one of the nation’s premier comprehensive research universities and a multi-billion dollar academic, cultural, and economic engine, the university is uniquely positioned to be the driving force behind Iowa’s transformation as a leader and innovator in a 21st century knowledge-based economy.

As the central communications, marketing, and outreach unit for the university, the Office of the Vice President for Strategic Communication exists to bring that story to Iowans and the world. With more than 80 professionals serving our students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, patients, fans, friends, and community members, among others, the office is equipped to address the myriad of information and engagement needs of a broad constituency.

Our collective mantra is simple: to inform, intrigue, and inspire those who are connected with or may be touched in some way by the institution, and in doing so, enhance the global brand that is the University of Iowa

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