August 8th - Thursday

Hands on Drupal training with experts. If you're brand new to Drupal and want to get a head start prior to the camp, you will be interested in attending the training session(s).

These sessions will be geared toward a specified Drupal feature, module, theme or otherwise. You may plan on these sessions including time to actually work within Drupal and train. It is recommended that you bring a laptop and headphones with you to the training to gain the most from the lessons. These sessions are available for beginner to advanced and welcome all levels of expertise.


Registration will be held outside the Main Lounge in the Iowa Memorial Union, starting at 8:30 am. Trainings will start at 9 am, with a break for lunch around noon, and finish up in the afternoon.

Here are the training sessions being offered:

Absolute Beginner's Guide To Drupal

This is the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Drupal. You’ll learn all of the key concepts you need to understand, navigate and begin building a Drupal site. We’ve taught new Drupal users from the White House to Harvard and the New York Transit Commission to the small business owner. We’ll help it make sense.

BuildAModule Mentored Training

This training is unique in that students are provided with access to the BuildAModule video library in the classroom, where there are multiple trainers available to help answer questions or guide students when they get stuck. Participants work on their own pace on their own projects with the support of the training library and mentors. Participants are provided with a free 8-day pass to the full BuildAModule video library, which includes videos to help build both basic and advanced Drupal skills so you can continue working after the training.

Drupal for Content Editors

This is a hands on Drupal training course to teach the basics, accessibility, tag based information architecture, and content moderation (workflows) as a Content Editor. A Content Editor is someone who will be creating or updating content on a Drupal Web site.

Introduction to Web Accessibility [cancelled by trainer request]

Although the World Wide Web is increasingly important in many aspects of day-to-day life, there are still many people who cannot use the web to its fullest potential. For people living with disabilities, aging populations, people working in distracting environments and others, the Web can present barriers to access, resulting in frustration and exclusion.

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