BuildAModule Mentored Training


Location: Iowa Memorial Union
Room: Northwestern 345
Google Map:
Registration starts at 8:30 in front of the Main Lounge on the ground floor
Course starts at 9am and Ends at 5pm
Lunch will be from Noon to 1pm.

In traditional trainings, students watch a trainer lecture for the bulk of the training, during which some students will get lost, some get bored because they're already familiar with the material, and most will simply not be able to stay focused on a trainer speaking for long periods of time.

There are numerous educational initiatives around the world addressing the problem with this model in various ways. You may have heard of the Flipped Classroom model, for example, which has been popularized by the Khan Academy. The Mentored Training model is rooted in this kind of approach, where we use recorded lectures and let students work through them on their own time. This particular model is unique in that students actually watch the videos in the classroom, where there are multiple trainers available to help answer questions or guide students when they get stuck.

There are numerous ways in which this model beats out the traditional training model:

  • Students get to work at their own pace. They can to re-watch material they didn't get the first time around, and forge ahead to advanced subjects as soon as they're ready.
  • Because the trainers aren't stuck at the front of the classroom, they're available 100% of the time to help students with questions.
  • Trainer preparation is minimal since there's no memorization or presentations required.
  • Because there is no single overwhelming voice that students have to pay attention to, they are free to interact with one another, asking questions, discussing problems and enhancing their network.

We will give each student a free 8-day pass to the full BuildAModule video library, which includes videos to help build both basic and advanced Drupal skills so you can continue working after the training.


Brandon Neil is a web and mobile application developer for The University of Iowa. He has been using Drupal for over four years for a wide variety of projects.

John Rearick is a web developer for Iowa State University. He has been using Drupal over 3 years.


If you have specific questions about this training session, please contact John Rearick.




Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 09:00 to 17:00