Post DrupalCorn Activities

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We’re really excited to hear that some of our attendees are arriving from outside of Iowa and even the midwest! The last I’ve heard, we’ve got at least one attendee coming from Texas and another from Canada. I guess that means we can call DrupalCorn an international Drupal event!

I thought it would be useful if I highlighted some Drupal and non-Drupal activities to do after the camp while you’re in the area.


If you’re interested in Drupal 8, head east to Chicago. Palantir is leading a two day Drupal 8 Essentials training program at their offices in Chicago from August 13-14. Then, stay for the Midwest Drupal Developers Summit August 15-17 and put to use those new Drupal 8 skills!

Everything else

If you're a Trekkie, check out the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, in Riverside, Iowa, 15 miles away from the DrupalCorn camp.

The Iowa State Fair, now through August 18, offers a wide variety of activities for all ages. See the butter cow or try a fried... anything! Des Moines is roughly an hour and a half west by car.

We’ve also posted a bunch of things to do for you and any DrupalGanger to do before, during or after the camp.

If you need to get some work in before or after the camp, Iowa City offers two coworking spaces, IC CoLab and Busy Coworking.