How to Convince Your Boss

Develop your professional network. The Drupal Community Members and leaders do not stop networking when the conference is over. Continue to make connections via e-mail, LinkedIn discussion boards and other social media tools that will thrive long after you leave DrupalCorn.

Make the most of your training budget. Training starts at $20 for an entire day. Gaining access to this kind of in-person training is an educational experience that would take far more time and money any other way.

Gain information from the experts. The tools, strategies and Drupal techniques you learn and bring back to your company will benefit your company's efficiency in website production. By attending the DrupalCorn 2013 camp, you will gain access to top notch Drupal experts through their training, sessions and discussions. It is a special opportunity to meet Drupal leaders.

Stay on the cutting edge of Drupal trends and help our company stay current. You will have access to meet Drupal experts from a variety of backgrounds who are located throughout the United States. Many will be presenters, including key note speakers for the DrupalCorn conference. These sessions will focus on latest Drupal modules, themes, and processes for implementing and using Drupal.

I can share what I learn with officemates after the conference. Upon returning from DrupalCorn, I will be able to share my notes and inspirations with co-workers. This will help spread the knowledge and ideation gained, making the experience even more valuable.

DrupalCorn is an investment for our company. I will learn skills that are able to have a lasting effect on my work. I’ll be able to implement tips that will instantly improve our current processes and help our company become more efficient with site development.

Do you have any other great ideas on how to convince your boss to send you to Drupal Corn Camp 2013? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.