DrupalCorn is the official annual DrupalCamp conference of the Iowa Drupal community. It is intended for open source enthusiasts, designers, hackers, geeks, developers, UI experts, IT managers and anyone else that wants to find out more about Drupal. Drupal powers websites for the Economist, MTV-UK, The White House, and Sony Music.

Who should attend DrupalCorn?

Themers Those who modify a website through it's theme to make it look pretty.

Developers Those who create websites with a code structure.

IT Managers Leaders of IT folk who develop websites and support other technologies within an organization or unit.

Web Designers Those who often take the role of a themer and design the look of a site based on knowledge of it's structure and power.

Graphic Designers Those who are sometimes also categorized as a web designer, who have a background in design related to print.


Why should you attend DrupalCorn?

Develop your professional network. The Drupal Community Members and leaders do not stop networking when the conference is over. Continue to make connections via e-mail, LinkedIn discussion boards and other social media tools that will thrive long after you leave DrupalCorn.

Make the most of your training budget. Training starts at $20 for an entire day. Gaining access to this kind of in-person training is an educational experience that would take far more time and money any other way.

Gain information from the experts. The tools, strategies and Drupal techniques you learn and bring back to your company will benefit your company's efficiency in website production. By attending the DrupalCorn 2013 camp, you will gain access to top notch Drupal experts through their training, sessions and discussions. It is a special opportunity to meet Drupal leaders.