Current state of Media and File entity 2.x

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Dave will give an update on the progress of the 2.x branches of the Media and File entity modules, what features are new from 1.x, how to configure the modules to work together, and how you can help the modules get to 2.0 official releases.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes:

  • Learn what's new with Media and File entity 2.x compared to the 1.x version
  • How to get past the common pitfalls in configuration of the modules
  • Be able to build sites using a more future-proof configuration of the modules

If you are fairly new to the Media module, I would highly suggest attending bneil's session on Getting started with Media and File entity before attending my session to give you a better understand of what's going on.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in attending Sunday, August 11th's media sprint, this session in addition to bneil's will help get you up to speed.

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Dave Reid