Customer/Constituant Management With RedHen and MailChimp

The combination of Drupal, Red Hen and MailChimp can make for a compelling solution to tracking, managing and connecting with an organizations customers or constituants. In this talk we'll look at the functionality and building blocks provided by Red Hen to manage and track constituants, how to use MailChimp to effectively communicate with them and how using a Drupal based solution gives us the ability to personalize the website experience for the end user.

In this session we'll cover the basics of Red Hen and MailChimp (with a bit of Rules) and walk through demonstrations that will show you how to set up and use the functionality provided by the various modules effectively. We won't be able to cover every aspect of these modules in a single session but you should come away from this talk with the understanding and confidence to start building CRM and email campaign functionality into your site.

Note on the slides: A large part of the presentation (the demo) was done using short screen casts. Obviously these don't come across well in a PDF so to get the most out of the presentation check out the video recording once it's posted.


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