DevOps for Drupal: Cooking it up with Chef

We continue to see DevOps, as a growing movement to bring together the practices and people in software development and IT operations, take shape within the world of Drupal. It touches on a wide range of areas and activities: from building a Drupal site, to testing it, to deploying it, to monitoring it, to maintaining it, and to supporting it.

We’ll provide a brief intro to DevOps (what it is and what it isn’t), discuss the needs and goals for infrastructure as code, and how it applies to Drupal. We’ll also talk about Chef -- our configuration management tool of choice for automation in working with Drupal and how we use it to make our lives (and the lives of our clients) better. We’ll show examples of how to build, deploy, and manage Drupal stacks and sites leveraging the power and flexibility of Chef.

In this session, we’ll cover and share:

  • Zero-to-Drupal application building with Chef in the cloud
  • The what and why of being able to rebuild your entire environment and application from code
  • Guidance and advice for how this fits when working with joint development and IT operations teams
  • Why automation is good, right, and oh so necessary
  • We’ll talk cookbooks, recipes, and more of how we do things with Chef... and lots of Vagrant goodness
  • Following best practices whether you are provisioning local Dev environments or multiple instances in distributed high availability configurations for Production
  • Some insights and advice learned from running DevOps and Chef meetups in the Bay Area and in Chicago with our partner Opscode

This is a new and improved extension of our session at DrupalCon Portland 2013

About the presenters:

This DevOps-focused session will be presented in a lively and interactive format with the folks from Promet. Will Milton, a Solutions Architect at Promet, will take you through a ride-along with the Development process. Jay Uhlinger, the Director of Products, will share DevOps points of view from customers and Operations along with some of Promet’s lessons learned.

Promet is an open source software firm based out of Chicago with core practices in Development, DevOps, and 24x7 Support for Drupal-based sites, applications, and products.

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