Let's be Real: The True Cost of Drupal

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Sure Drupal is open source but we all know that putting together a professional website has plenty of costs--fincancial, time, and other resources. Let's have an open and honest discussion about what it takes to plan, build, operate, and maintain our sites. Many of these issues are not specific to Drupal but we'll discuss them in terms of a Drupal site. This is in the spirit of finding solutions and we can all get something out of it.

This session is intended to be a semi-structured presentation encouraging audience participation. I've got plenty to say about these topics and I expect we'll have additional voices in attendance who are willing to give some input. We'll cover:

  • The cost and benefit of professional development
  • Drupal's position within the CMS market
  • Training and educating developers and users
  • The effort needed to operate and maintain a site
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