Make Publishing Rock! Improving the Lives of Editors

As developers its easy to forget about the site admin/content editor experience. We work hard to make the site features, and spend lots of time on the end user experience, but more often than not we forgot about the folks that will be responsible for updating the site content. In this session we'll help you understand what Site admins want, and how to give it to 'em.

We'll go over whats missing in the Drupal Admin experience, and a few modules that fill the holes, we'll also review what Drupal 7 got right, and review some often overlooked APIs that make building admin tools quick and easy.

Questions we'll Answer:

What makes a good Content Editor Experience?
Why Should I, as a developer, care about the Content Editor experience?
What does the Drupal Content Editor Experience get right? Also, What does it get wrong?
What lessons can we learn from other platforms?
What modules will make my Content Editors happy?


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