Node.js and Drupal: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Drupal and Node.js go together like bread and butter, or milk and cereal or a burger and fries. We'll talk about 3 different projects that mixed and matched Drupal and Node.js in different configurations and architectures to meet a variety of business goals. A website that featured a live-feed of new Drupal content being created during a live event, a web app that allows users to create and share magnetic poems on everything from a smartphone to the desktop, and a website that needed to pull in a staggering number of real time feeds.

  • How can I integrate Node.js to display live data on my site?
  • What is Backbone.js is how can i enrich my front end development life?
  • How can allow for fast, real-time updates between Drupal and the user?
  • How can I share data between Node.js and Drupal?
  • For my app, is it better to use custom code, or use modules already provided to me from Drupal?
  • How we cherry picked the best parts of drupal, backbone and node to work quickly & have fun.


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Large Scale/SysOps

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