Become a Sponsor of DrupalCorn Camp 2013

The Drupal project is maintained primarily by volunteers who don't get paid for their contributions. An event like this DrupalCorn Camp is one way the distributed community can share their knowledge and continue to contribute. Your sponsorship allows us to host these events, bringing the community together to share code, documentation, and increase the community that is Drupal. If you are using Drupal, this is a great opportunity to give back!

Why should you sponsor?

  • Get your organization in front of your target audience
  • Recruit awesome talent (those who are willing to learn and attend these events tend to be great employees)
  • Free passes included in sponsorships are still cheaper than most professional development opportunities of this caliber
  • Give back to the open source community

Sponsor Benefits

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Sponsor Levels Handout
$1,000 or more
$500 or more
$250 or more
$75 or more
Named Room
(3 available, then BoF rooms)
Listing on all drupalcorn web pagesYesYesNoNo
Interview on websiteYesYesNoNo
Sponsor TableYesYesYesNo
Logo on hallway screensYesYesYesNo
Projected during openingName/LogoName/LogoName/LogoName
Free Admission6421
Sponsor Badge for websiteYes
Listing on Sponsors pageYes
Community GoodwillAbsolutely!

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Media Module Sprint

We are looking for a sponsor to take care of expenses for the Media Module sprint. If you need some work done on Media, consider sponsoring the sprint.

Friday Night Event

Do you want to be known for a good time? Perhaps sponsoring the Friday night event could be your thing. Distribute your swag, talk directly to the audience about your organization, buy us drinks. Get a hold of us if you have ideas for what you would like to do for the Friday night event.

 Download the Sponsor Levels Handout

Let us know you want to sponsor DrupalCorn Camp 2013!